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TRCN Ministries

Joshua Team
The Joshua Team is a group of young leaders that are designated to work with youth in our local community and abroad. The Joshua Team has a focus on reaching the youth by going the extra mile to see that they are emotionally and spiritually equipped for the challenges that many young people are facing. The Joshua Team participates in community service events such as collecting donations to feed families, as well as spend time in activities that promote positivity in youth. The Joshua Team thrives on teaching young people to become disciples for Christ and the team has an annual goal to bring 100 young souls to Christ through salvation.

Nehemiah Team
The Nehemiah Team is designed to provide hands on assistance and spiritual guidance to families that are in need. The Nehemiah Team works specifically in times for people who may be going through difficult times and need spiritual and natural support. The Nehemiah Team is respondent mostly to issues with individual needs such as loss of a loved one, support in long-term unemployment for head of household, sick and shut in, volunteering for community service needs, and to provide aid to those affected by natural disasters.

Men of Promise
This ministry made up of adult men mentoring young men under 18 years of age. This group of men is to lead young men to build the character of God in their lives while shaping them to become productive in their families, the church and their community.

Women of Destiny
This ministry is designed to minister to adult women. Teaching them to live as women of wisdom through God’s Word, women of faith in the principles of holiness and operating through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Single Parent’s Ministry
This ministry is designed to minister to single parents to encourage, strengthen and enlighten them on practical, daily issues through God’s Word.

TRCN Music Ministry
The Music Ministry of TRCN is designed to provide ministry through music presentation for worship and praise. Our trained music ministry staff consists of a Worship Team, accompanied by strong and anointed Psalmists using instrumental gifting that will lead worshipers into the presence of the Lord.

Praise Dance Team
The ministry of praise and worship through prepared dance presentation as well as prophetic ministry through dance.

Armor Bearer Team
A selected team of members who serve in leadership by aiding the pastoral staff. Being closely attentive to the natural as well as spiritual support needed to carry out all ministerial responsibilities.

Drama Team
The dramatic presentation of ministering the gospel through play-acting, skits or short monologues.

Mime Team
The presentation of ministering gospel music through mime dramatization.

To educate believers to become witnesses and to establish a lifestyle of freedom through biblical principles.

Ministry of Excellence
The Ministry of Excellence is a ministry of hospitality. This ministry is a group of men and women that understand the necessity serving the kingdom of God in excellence as a duty of pleasing the Lord. The Ministry of Excellence is designated to greet and attend to members and guests of TRCN along with provide assistance in ministerial duties that are within TRCN church family.

Prayer and Warfare Team
Team of members who are responsible to serve the church members as well as visitors in prayer during altar ministry and as needed by direction of the leadership.

Evangelism Team
Team of ministers who are responsible for witnessing and altar ministry as needed by direction of the leadership. This team is responsible for outreach ministries such as jail ministry, visiting the sick and substance abuse recovery while working closely with the prayer and warfare team.

Ministry of Defense
Team of members who are responsible for the securing of our building, property. To be responsible for giving protection to all members during all services at all times.

Administrative Team
To administrate all ministry details for any and all services, conferences and other ministries. To be available to coordinate all paperwork, mailings and contact to carry out each ministerial function.

TRCN Media Ministry
The Media Ministry trained members to be responsible for all monitoring of audio and video recordings and presentation during all services.